Gas Equipment

Browse our product categories to see what the typical range of products we source. If you can’t see, or are unsure of what you need, please give us a call and we will do our best to find what you want.

Gas Equipment

When it comes to gas equipment, our customers demand performance, efficiency and reliability. That’s why we have identified a number of suppliers that we are confident will meet these requirements. Through our established relationships with these companies, we are able to secure excellent prices for our customers.

Our main supplier Gas-Arc supply regulators, flashback arrestors, torches, flowmeters, hoses and hose attachments, manifolds and welding, cutting and heating nozzles. Their full range can be found here >

We also us Victor Technologies as our source of gas regulators, flowmeters, torches and full outfits from Victor for use with the full range of welding gases. The range of products available from Victor can be browsed here >

We pride ourselves on being helpful and flexible, so if there’s something specific that you need, we’ll do our very best to source what you want.