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As a company long established in the welding industry we have developed a strong understanding of the needs of our customers and actively seek the most appropriate products to meet these needs. Over time, we have developed into a reliable and efficient one-stop-shop for welding equipment and consumables.

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Welding Filler Materials

Range of filler materials for all welding processes, including electrodes, wires, brazing alloys and silver solders



Rolls, belts, discs and sheets, cut-off wheels, grinding discs, and diamond tools.


Welding and Cutting Equipment

When it comes to welding machines and cutting equipment, our customers demand performance, efficiency and reliability.


Gas Equipment

Regulators, flashback arrestors, torches, flowmeters, hoses and hose attachments, manifolds and welding, cutting and heating nozzles


Extraction Equipment

Filter devices and extraction equipment


Personal Protective Equipment

Protection for eyes, ears, skin, hands and feet or the respiratory system