Welding Filler Materials

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Welding Filler Materials

We supply a comprehensive range of filler materials for all welding processes, including electrodes, wires, brazing alloys and silver solders. We source materials to suit a range of applications from highly regulated industries to limited budget fabrications.

Our primary brand of filler metals is Kjellberg providing electrodes and rods for arc welding. Their range includes:

Our primary brand of filler metals is Kjellberg providing electrodes and rods for arc welding.

  • Unalloyed Electrodes >
  • High-Temperature Electrodes >
  • Stainless Electrodes >
  • Nickel-Base Alloys >
  • Cast Iron Electrodes >
  • Surfacing Electrodes >
  • Underwater Electrodes >
  • Cutting Electrodes >

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The majority of our silver solders and brazing alloys come from
Thesco, who have over 250 years of experience of working
with precious metals. Take a look at the Thesco range here >

A comprehensive line of arc welding electrodes, with over 300 different types of formulas.

Main product ranges:

  • Rutile electrodes
  • Cellulosic electrodes
  • Basic electrodes
  • Stainless steel electrodes
  • Nickel electrodes
  • Cast iron electrodes
  • Non ferrous electrodes
  • Hard facing electrodes

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A further supplier is voesalpine Bohler Welding UK, from whom we source electrodes, rods, solid and cored wires, and fluxes for all conventional arc welding processes. Click here >

We stock Elga arc welding electrodes, wires and fluxes for all welding techniques and for materials including carbon, stainless and high strength steels, cast iron, nickel based alloys and aluminium alloys. You can search the range of Elga consumables here >

Filler wires from the experts in Stainless Steel. See more information here >

We pride ourselves on being helpful and flexible, so if there’s something specific that you need, we’ll do our very best to source what you want.